#HoustonStrong and the Spirit of Generosity

It has been inspiring to see how Americans have responded to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. From the people on the ground helping in Houston, to the people thousands of miles away seeking ways to take action, show support, and give.

When national tragedies like this strike, there is a groundswell of initial support. But like we’ve seen with Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, the reconstruction and rebuilding efforts take months, even years before communities can feel whole again. When the cameras turn off and the crews leave Texas, the need will still be there.

At SG, we want to continue to support the rebuilding efforts when Texas is in the eye of the storm and beyond. Today we made a collective donation to Houston Relief efforts, and it’s our hope that we will join millions of Americans in continuing to carry the spirit of Texas with us and give as much as we can, whenever we can. Let #HoustonStrong be a guiding light to the spirit of generosity to come.

Michelle Threadgould | Aug 2017