A 500 Year Old Lesson on Story

by Dana Zemack

For the vast majority of recorded history, it was common “knowledge” that the sun revolved around the earth. This universally accepted theory wasn’t aggressively challenged until the mid-1500s, when Copernicus came along and proclaimed that in reality, the universe works in the exact opposite way.

Some found it ridiculous, others found it offensive, but after an initial adjustment period, the world at large accepted this new way of thinking, and the new and improved understanding of our planet’s orbital tendencies effectively replaced the old, completely wrong one.

On a much smaller scale, the same trajectory applies to the relationship between a brand’s story and a brand’s product. When it comes to reaching the minds and hearts of consumers and making them fall in love with a brand, common knowledge often points to a product-centric approach: product is core, and story revolves around it. But is it the product alone that makes the world fall head over heels for a brand, or is it something different? The truth is, the deciding factor that converts a passive observer to an actively engaged advocate is story. To be clear, an excellent product is critical, but without a powerful and interesting narrative to shine light on it and give it life, the potential for people to discover a deeper, more meaningful connection to the brand is lost.

In the modern communications universe, story is your sun, and your product revolves around it. So when you consider your strategy to reach and engage your audience, start strong with a good story to inspire lasting love.

Lesley Gold | Oct 2015