Summertime @ SG: Media, media and more media!

July 3, 2012

by Scott Sutherland

Summer is officially here. And for many firms this is a time to slow down and take a breather. But we don’t know the concept here at SG. For us, slower months mean more opportunities! And the great people we have here at SG have capitalized on the slow summer month of June to absolutely crush it for our clients.

One of our newer staff members was updating our Media Results archive and just had to point out the amazing clips we’ve accumulated this month for all our clients. For Brightcove, 23 pieces of coverage on a single day for a product launch! For Stitcher, a coveted Wall Street Journal review of its groundbreaking mobile app.

Here’s a recap of results in June:


I was talking to a potential new client today and without even asking us, he’d set out to talk to about two dozen current and former SG clients who we’ve worked with over the past two years.

He said one of the more consistent things he heard from these clients was that “the team at SG are fighters. They never give up.”

I love that our startup clients that are battling on so many fronts to succeed see us as fellow “fighters.” But it’s not just persistence that leads to success. You’ve got to have the right people who, just like our clients, get up every day plotting  to win.

So we’re very proud of the SG team of “fighters.” And we’re looking forward to working out butts off for our clients in the coming “slow” summer months.

Find links to a sampling of our top media results from June, here.



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