Who We Are

We’re a motivated group of media savants. Some even call us rock stars. We help your company find and craft its story. Then we put it on the map.



Lesley is a master storyteller, creating market positioning and messaging innovative startups and top brands like Sony and Comcast Ventures. She has an unmatched talent for taking in a company’s facts and circumstances and crafting a story catalog that puts their key messaging into the hands of consumers via major media outlets like New York Times, Time and USA Today.

Since launching SG, Lesley has helped position and market hundreds of brands, products, companies, people and ideas, leading some clients to go public and several to be acquired by major tech and consumer brands. Some of Lesley’s current clients include Birchbox, Comcast Ventures and Brightcove.

Prior to founding SG, Lesley served as vice president for Blanc & Otus, the global technology practice of Hill & Knowlton, where she led breakthrough campaigns for TiVo and Sony PlayStation, among other top consumer technology brands. She also worked as a network television producer at CNN, served as the director of radio services at the Democratic National Committee, and has led positions as a campaign strategist and press secretary for former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert B. Reich.

Lesley is mother of two and a proud dog owner. She also lives next door to both Kevin Bacon and Mark Zuckerberg.

Julia Vinyard

Julia Vinyard • President

Julia came to Silicon Valley with experience running communications programs for household name brands. She’s a consumer brand strategist and expert on managing global projects for top technology companies.

Since joining SG, Julia has helped put mobile, social, ecommerce, security and health tech companies on the map. Her bread and butter is creating and driving overarching marketing and communications programs for established companies with a global footprint.

The big ideas Julia develops with her teams drive clients’ marketing programs from content development and syndication to advertising, social media and PR. It’s all topped with an attention to detail that at times borders on annoying.

Julia is an expert at getting the best exposure and pop for her clients both inside the valley and in mainstream consumer outlets from TODAY show to the New York Times and TechCrunch to CNBC. Some of her current clients include Chegg, Lookout, Fab, Comcast Ventures, Zendesk and Birchbox. Past work at SG includes Massive Health, Mightybell, Scribd, Movieclips and Causes.

Prior to SG, Julia was Vice President at DBC Public Relations running accounts for large, national consumer brands that included Ace Hardware, Ballard Designs, Mars Drinks and Jim Beam Small Batch Bourbons.

Julia graduated from Princeton University with a degree in English Literature and a lot of orange and black.

When she’s not busy propelling clients to stardom, Julia likes to hike in Marin, dig into a great novel and cook family-style meals and mix cocktails for friends.

Scott Sutherland

Scott Sutherland • Founder

Scott helps companies achieve the kind of visibility that puts them in a leadership position – and keeps them there. His unique background extends beyond traditional PR and marketing, and includes political affairs strategy, editorial and production experience, and print journalism. His approach emphasizes the story behind a brand, company and product in a way that achieves dramatic business results. Scott has helped launch more than 125 technology startups in the 10 years since founding SG.

He’s learned firsthand how companies maximize media exposure to meet very specific business needs, including increased site traffic, closing new partnerships, and providing brand lift. Some of Scott’s current clients include Blekko, Velti and Braintree.

Prior to SG, Scott applied his political affairs strategy and communication skills while managing communications and advertising strategy for several U.S. Congressional campaigns, and served as the top communications strategist to former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert B. Reich. Scott’s press savvy dates back to early positions as an Associated Press staff writer and editor of a daily newspaper in his home state of Texas.

Having spent years launching startups and fighting political battles in DC, Scott relishes the challenge to help startups thrive, and not just succeed.

Offline, Scott has a hidden talent for fur trapping. His favorite app is The Weather Channel because he’s always trying to get outdoors. Oh, and did we mention he lives next door to both Kevin Bacon and Mark Zuckerberg?!

Paul Loeffler

Paul Loeffler • Vice President

Paul is a big believer in the SG way. So much so that he is in the middle of his second stint at the agency. His biggest passion when it comes to technology companies is the seismic shift occurring on mobile and he brings a wide range of communications experience working with both private and publicly traded companies.

During his time at SG, Paul has worked on everything from mobile hardware with the Pebble smartwatch to Internet leaders such as Trulia, along with a host of other start-ups and disruptive technologies.

Prior to SG, Paul served as the global head of corporate communications for Glam Media, a Top 10 U.S. Web Property. He’s also held internal PR roles at leading consumer technology companies including Palm and Ask Jeeves/Ask.com.

When he’s not busy helping tech companies take the next step, he likes to geek out by watching The History Channel, plan trips to far off lands and run the occasional marathon.

Lisa Broock

Lisa Broock • Vice President

A die-hard New Yorker with unmatched experience in consumer media, Lisa comes to Silicon Valley by way of Us Weekly and Good Morning America. Prior to SG, Lisa was managing editor at Us Weekly, where she was responsible for editorial operations and making the trains run on time. Before embracing her love of pop culture, she weathered the morning show wars as a segment producer at GMA and as director of media relations at ABC News.

Lisa excels at building brands and crafting finely-tuned messages that transcend traditional tech media and appeal to a mass audience. Her clients have included TOMS, Timeful, Level Money and Beepi. Like others at SG, she also got her start in politics, working on the special election for Rep. Lois Capps and serving as communications director for Senator Ron Wyden.

Lisa graduated from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec with a degree in Political Science. In her free time, Lisa can be found playing dress up with her girls, spinning (the other kind!) or indulging in her Pinterest shoe addiction. She resides in Burlingame — far away from the Kardashians — with her husband, their two daughters and feisty wheaten terrier.

Emilie Johnson • Senior Director

Emilie brings a strong background in consumer technology to SutherlandGold, having worked with pioneering technology companies and emerging consumer brands throughout her public relations career, including SanDisk, Birchbox, Fab, TheFind and Trulia, to name a few.

Growing up in the heart of Silicon Valley, Emilie was raised with an appreciation and understanding for innovative technologies. This, coupled with her love of all things consumer, has fueled her passion for creative PR campaigns and results-focused programs. She is a proven expert at putting her clients in the spotlight, securing coverage opportunities ranging from morning TV segments: Good Morning America, TODAY Show and CBS This Morning; business features: Fortune, Wall Street Journal and CNBC; and consumer publications: InStyle, ABC News.com and Glamour Magazine.

Emilie is a “second time around” SGer, returning to work alongside the lively professionals of SG after relocating to New York City (previously serving as one of the agency’s first ever interns!). Between her stints with SG, Emilie spent time in-house with SanDisk helping manage corporate, B2B and consumer PR, and amping up the company’s social media initiatives.

Emilie graduated with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Political Science from California State University, Chico. When she’s not occupied with work, you can find her chasing summer around the world, hanging out with her handsome pup Luke, or hosting dinner parties to test out new Pinterest recipes with friends.


Gibson • Chief Nap Officer

Gibson’s ability to remain calm in a fire drill serves as a constant source of inspirational Zen when our PR and content teams are working hard. In fact, he once served as the spokesperson for a “Keep Calm and Carry On” consumer PR campaign. His list of career accomplishments include most pickup from a single-word press release (woof!), most brilliant brand messaging strategist (woof!), and he once scored a sweet promotion upon sleeping through an all-agency meeting. Gibson has an amazing ability to protect and put up with his little brother, Moose.

Moose • Keeper of the snacks

Moose’s most recognized skills are in eating and digging. Having torn up not one, but two home irrigation systems, we can safely say that he is a champion overachiever. At one year old, he had already eaten his weight in chocolate (and lived to tell about it). He’s been voted most likely to befriend someone who’s left their lunch sitting out. He considers his big brother his best friend and stuffed animals and shoes to be his arch enemies. Moose has an unmatched talent for looking cute while sleeping.